MountainHeart - Approved Vendor for AEP's HomeSMART Energy Assessment Program

MountainHeart Community Services, Inc. is now an approved vendor for AEPs Home Energy Assessment program.  The HomeSMART program from Appalachian Power offers a FREE In-Home Energy Assessment to giv e you a comprehensive evaluation of your home and is a great step in improving your home's energy efficiency.

How Does This Work

How it works!

1.  An AEP Energy Specialist will meet you at your home to begin the Home Energy Assessment.

2.  We evaluate the exterior of your home by checking things like doors, windows, HVAC units, ventilation types, crawl spaces, roof hot spots and much more.

3.  We then conduct a full interior assessment and will advise you on small Do-It-Yourself fixes.  We also give you your energy saving kit and explain the energy saving benefits.

4.  We can install anything you wish to have installed at that time.

5.  We generate your final report and review available rebates.

6.  Your Home Energy Assessment is complete!

Next Step

Your Home Energy Assessment will provide details on work that will need to be completed and any qualifying rebates that are available.  You will then need to contact the Approved AEP Vendor of your choice to provide a cost estimate for the recommended work.

For additional information concerning the program, please visit